Holiday Open House on Sunday!

january 2013 001Join us for our Holiday Open House this Sunday, Dec. 14. As part of the Dennis Village Visions of Christmas Stroll, we’ll be serving complimentary chowder and shepherd’s pie from 1:30 to 4:30, with live music by Daddy-O. Our bar will be open and we’ll have plenty of Christmas cheer!

For those who want to linger, Fun Hour at our cozy bar is from 4:30 to 6 with nice prices on oysters, shrimp and littlenecks, and dinner is served starting at 5.

We hope to see you there!


Festive holiday centerpieces

cork trees 005 We love decorating for the holidays. At the Red Pheasant, we like to get creative and make our own decorations, because it adds to the fun. So many people commented on last year’s cork Christmas tree centerpieces, we’re sharing a little “how-to” here that makes a great project for Thanksgiving weekend. We’ll give you the basics, but this is one of those projects that’s definitely open to personalizing—so get creative!

cork trees 008What you’ll need

  • 13 corks for each tree
  • Small flower clay pot for each tree
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Craft paints in red, green and gold (or other colors, your choice!)
  • Buttons, beads, glitter, trim, wrapping paper, fabric scraps, odds and ends

What to do

  1. Glue three corks side by side in a row
  2. Glue four corks in a row
  3. Glue row of four corks on top of the row of three, with the row of  three as the base
  4. Top with another row of three corks, then two and finish with one cork for the top
  5. Decorate as you like, you can cut circles of wrapping paper, felt or fabric and stick on the ends of the corks or paint the circle ends of the corks
  6. Add personal touches like pearly beads, seashells, small leaves, glitter—the possibilities are endless!
  7. Glue cork tree to small flower pot. You can add a little moss if you like, and another idea is to spray paint the flower pot gold or green

Invite your kids or grandchildren to help—this is a great project for all ages. Have fun!
cork trees 007



Autumn Hikes

Lovely water views from the trail

Lovely water views from the trail

Fall is a lovely time to walk some of the many nature trails on Cape Cod. Here in Dennis, there are a number of spots to enjoy foliage and beautiful vistas. One of our favorites is Indian Trails, located behind Dennis Town Offices on Old Bass River Road. Parking is easy, especially on weekends when town hall is closed, and the walk itself is not difficult.

A wide path along the power line leads to the trail head, where you  turn left and then either go straight or turn right. Both routes are loops. We’re partial to the path that goes straight and soon curves left, leading to a bench that overlooks a pond. Follow the trail and you’ll be rewarded with more gorgeous water views and a pretty woodland path. Maps are available through the Dennis Conservation Commission. These trails are popular with dog walkers, so be prepared to encounter some four-legged friends.

This walk is a nice way to work up an appetite, so treat yourself to some littlenecks, shrimp or other appetizers at our bar during Fun Hour, 4:30 to 6, or come in for dinner starting at 5. We’re open Tuesday through Sunday; reservations encouraged. We hope to see you soon.

Fun Hour at the Red Pheasant

Oysters at the Red Pheasant

Oysters for Fun Hour

With the sun setting earlier, fall is a perfect time to stop at the Red Pheasant’s intimate bar for “Fun Hour,” from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Cozy up at the bar and enjoy oysters and shrimp for just $1.50 each, and littlenecks for $1.25 each, with purchase of a beverage.

Try one of our wines by the glass, or order a bottle from our extensive wine list (don’t worry, you don’t have to drink it all; a very sensible state law allows us to package it up for you to take home). Or try one of our specialty cocktails. Bring a friend or two, and make new ones.

We hope you will join us soon. We look forward to seeing you!

Veal Stock

red pheasant june 2013 011 red pheasant june 2013 014

Bill says “Veal Stock is the Essence of all good things in the kitchen.”   I decided to take some photos of what goes into his stocks.  On the left are the veal bones ready to go in the oven to roast for 3 hours.  They are combined with onions, celery, carrots, garlic and tomato paste.  After three hours of roasting the bones go into a pot to simmer very slowly for 2 days.  The veal stock is the base for many things including the Madeira Sauce served with our Beef entrees.  On the right is his vegetable stock.  You can’t beat the authenticity of his sauces.

red pheasant june 2013 015

Lobster & Mushroom Pierogi


Bill has been having fun making Pierogi, it is a labor of love!  We are serving Lobster & Mushroom Pierogi as a Starter and to accompany our Leg of Venison he has made Mushroom & Bleau Cheese Pierogi.  I decided to share some photos with you as well as a bit of Pierogi history.

Pierogi are made with an unleavened dough that is thinly rolled and filled with various items.  Most popular in Poland is a filling of potatoes and cabbage.   Pierogi have been made in Poland since the 13th century but there are some sources that say they originated in the Far East, perhaps China and became popular through tradesmen traveling to Eastern Europe.

When Bill was in college he lived in his friend Tommy’s grandmother’s house with several of their his buddies.  Grandma made delicious Pierogi and making them now brings back her memory.  It is wonderful how food does that.  Of course he has taken it to new levels with his fillings.  Here are some photos of the process.

may 2013 023

Becca's painting of Corporation Beach


The fascinating history of the barn that is our Main Dining Room dates back to the 1800′s when the harbor in Dennis Village was known as Nobscusset Harbor, the current location of Corporation Beach.  In 1840 it was a busy place, home to a fishing fleet, pier, fish packing and ice sheds.  Our barn was used for building boats and was moved to Re. 6A at the turn of the century when Captain Calvin Howes built his new home Scargo Manor in the late 1880′s.  The barn became his carriage house.

An interesting book to read about the history is “Nobscusset Harbor at Corporation Beach” by local author Patricia Walker.  She has compiled stories and photographs from locals who share their memories of growing up in Dennis in the early 1900′s.

On of my favorite bits of information in the book, is how in the 1880′s Elm Street which is directly across from the Red Pheasant, and the way we walk to Corporation Beach, was just a dirt path.  Miriam Howes is quoted as saying her Aunt Hannah lived on the corner of Whig Street and Beach Street and kept summer boarders for $7 a week, room and board!  Main Street, Rte 6A, was not paved until 1903!

In 1914 a breakwater was built to prevent erosion during bad storms.  Dredging was completed in 1922, more repairs are documented in the early 1930′s.  Fishing was still a way of life.  In 1952 it was decided at town meeting to abandon Nobscusset Harbor in favor of Sesuit Harbor as the cost of keeping two harbors was too high.

The above picture was painted by our daughter Rebecca of Corporation Beach. Raising our daughters in Dennis, we spent many beach days at Corporation and Howes Street Beaches.   I love learning about the history of our neighborhood.  It brings new meaning when you walk down Corporation Road and wonder which houses were the source of which stories.  Thank you to Patricia Walker for preserving the stories!

our Herb Garden

The Herb Garden

The Herb Garden

This week we began the process of tearing up two large sections of the Herb Garden in order to re-plant.  We originally planted our Herb Garden in 1999.  Notice the wine bottles that border each section, that is an idea I copied form a restaurant in Sarasota Florida.  It provides birds with a place to drink and keeps things somewhat orderly!  Gnarly bittersweet had encroached underneath the beds and it was a big job.  Our sage and thyme had gotten old and woody and it was time to start over.  As much as I love them, garlic chives were taking over and violets were everywhere.Rosemary  We were able to save our lavender and kitchen chives.So here is a picture of where we are to begin new!

I bought some beautiful Rosemary plants at Hart Farm and began by putting them in a planter so if the weather surprises us we can bring them inside overnight.  It also gives me a chance to baby it!  In addition I planted Swiss Chard and lettuce, just because they bot like cool weather.

Our chives are looking great and the mint is coming along quickly, time for Mojitos at the Bar!